Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo dell'accademia linguistica

Where LARGO PERTINI, 4, Genova

Between 1826 and 1832 was located in Piazza De Ferrari, the area of the demolished convent of San Domenico and backs on the hill Piccapietra, a new three-story building for the use of the Library and the Academy, which reuses the portico designed by Barabino in 1821 to a barracks placed in adherence to the opera house, Teatro Carlo Felice today. The problem of the small depth of the lot on the ground floor is solved by the architect with greater spaciousness to the upper floors, especially on the second floor where a succession of colonnades Round ends in a hemispherical coffered vault. The urban restructuring of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century sacrifice the back of the building and the Rotunda was demolished; in memory of the past grandiloquent remains only the frieze executed by Santo Varni - representing the "Triumph of Marcello" or "Transport of Arts from Greece to Rome", once placed along the walls and now in the store of the museum to the state of the fragment. The bombings of 1942 hurt the halls of the second floor, and only after the war is designed the decor of the building that will host the Academy, the Civic Art School Nicolò Barabino, a museum (probably the Chiossone Museum) and the Public Library Berio. Currently, after the transfer of the Berio Library in the former Archbishop's Seminary, the building has remained exclusive venue of Ligustica Academy and its museum.

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