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Piazza San Matteo

Where Piazza San Matteo, 16, Genova

St. Matthew Square, one of the main historic squares of Genoa, was the heart of one of the most illustrious families of the city, Doria family. The  St. Matthew's Church, overlooking the Square, it was a chapel of this family. After that Doria, new buildings were built in the Square. In the fifteenth century the ancient arcades were buffered, and new portals are adorned with frames in relief and picture shown. Accommodation terrace, which remains the brick pavement of the seventeenth century restored around 1990, undergoes a variation in 1935 in replacement of the two access ladders originate with a single staircase which occupies the whole side. Some of the buildings, the church and cloister have been subject to restoration during the events dedicated to the discovery of America.

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