Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta

Where Piazza di Carignano, 1, Genova

The Basilica, which stands at the peak of the Carignano hill, is one of the most famous works by Genoese Galeazzo Alessi, and one of the greatest examples of Renaissance architecture in the city. The Church, already property of noble Sauli family, later became an abbey. Started in the mid-sixteenth century, by order of the patrician Genoese Bandinello Sauli, its construction lasted until the beginning of the next century, but the work continued in the following centuries. The Church has a Greek cross plant, with a central dome set on a high drum and four small cupolas at the corners. Feature of the building are the four elevations identical on each side, each crowned by a tympanum and equipped with its own entry, except the rear one. Of the four bell towers planned in the original project, only two were made, at the front principale. Inside, very bright, is characterized by white walls, devoid of frescoes, decorated only with pilasters with phytomorphic capitals that reflect the reason for external decoration. The vaults have a coffered ceiling. Where the arms are imposed four large statues of saints placed in niches. The main altar is decorated bronze.

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