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Museo Biscari

Where Piazza Duce di Genova, 27, Genova

l Biscari Museum, located in a wing of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Biscari, one of the oldest buildings in Catania, valuable evidence of Sicilian Baroque, for years has kept the vast collections of archaeological and natural Ignazio Paternò Castello V Biscari transferred then to the Museum of the Ursino Castle in 1930. 

Officially opened in 1758, the museum boasted extensive archaeological collections and natural, like Goethe celebrates in his book "Journey to Italy". The museum now houses the MF "Museum & Fashion" that combines fashion and culture in a combination original and unmissable. "My Gallery Naturalia" Atelier hosts the MF of the designer Marella Ferrera, while "Antique Gallery" is setting for a permanent exhibition: an interactive story that binds the creative history of the House to the roots and traditions of Sicily and a series of exhibitions designed to revive and bring the memory of a museum in the eighteenth century was a source of pride and prestige for Sicily.

Museo Biscari c
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