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Complesso architettonico Galata Museo del mare

Where CALATA DE MARI, 1, Genova

The Galata Museo of the Sea is the largest and most innovative maritime museum in the Mediterranean. The building, the oldest survivor among those that made up the old Municipal Dock, has undergone a major restructuring of great value, stone and glass, designed by Spanish Guillermo Vasquez Consuegro. The museum complex, which includes about 6.000 objects, follows the evolution of the port and the city's maritime and counts among its jewels, the faithful reconstruction of a Genoese galley of '600. The visitor is led through more traditional rooms, but can also explore the environments of the Arsenal, visit the armory of the dock, browse with multimedia support valuable atlases sixteenth, get on a brig Ligurian nineteenth century, until cross a storm Cape Horn virtually rebuilt. More recently, the Galata has renewed the third floor with shows and exhibitions related to the themes of travel between '800 and' 900, as the Hall of the Steamer and the great exhibition "The Merica!", dedicated to the Italian emigration. In the first room is rebuilt the bridge of a ship from which the wheelhouse, thanks to a sophisticated software, navigating virtually in the seas of the world. In the second, by passport and travel documents, visitors can enjoy the experience of emigration with departure and arrival at Ellis Island - New York.

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