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Museo Ebraico di Genova

Where VIA BERTORA, 6, Genova

The Jewish Museum in Genoa preserves the works of the collection "Viaggio in the Jewish world", by Emanuele Luzzati, donated by the artist to the Jewish Community of Genoa. The collection is displayed to the public from time to time for organizational purposes. On the occasion of institutional events such as the Day of the Memory and the European Day of Jewish Culture are held some exhibitions of artistic, religious or historical documentary, open to the public. These exhibitions are set up for several weeks, during which a guided tour by appointment with a focus on school; for schoolchildren are proposed combined with visits thematic lessons, taught by volunteer staff specialists. The activity of the Museum has as its aims to raise awareness of citizenship and Jewish culture through the history of the Ligurian and Italian Jewish. The Museum was inaugurated in 2004, when Genoa was European Capital of Culture. The design was entrusted to the architect Gianfrancoo Franchini. The museum is located on the top floor of the synagogue that has seen unfold, from 1935 to today, the history of the Jews of Genoa.



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