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The "Gathering Gutenberg Francis Pirella," on display at the ARMUS - Archive Museum of Printing - shows, in a charming atmosphere of tradition and transfiguration, codes and sounds of typography. Unusual dies, thousands of characters in lead, bronze, wood, rare presses, presses to hand and foot, documents and video animations, Lilliputian historical reconstructions tell us about Gutenberg and his inventions. To Guglielmo Marconi, icon of the new electronic communication, the Armus dedicates his observatory in comparative ethics, in which the Gutenberg technology is compared with the language of the computer age. At the Armus is situated, also, the Archive for Mapping Tipoetica of Reality. Here it's pursued the utopia of printability universe through research and typography sperimantale sindonografia in vitro in humans and the metropolis. From codes of communication technology pre-supply to the "Manifesto of the Anti-book" (G. Dorfles, M. Persico, F. Pirella, E. Sanguineti), pressure metology reveals that the universe is a matrix, from the impression fossil of the organism eighty million years ago to the "printer of cookies", from metropolitan manhole to the autosindone. The Archive Museum of Printing is a collaboration with the Province of Genoa and uses a high-profile scientific committee.

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