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Villa Croce


The villa was built at the end of `800 from the Cross family of an existing building of the XVI-XVII c., which probably keeps the building structure, in the suburban area transformed, in 1897, with the construction of the Ring Road at Sea, the coastal road that connects the center to the periphery of the east. The subdivision for residential use of the area surrounding the villa, which partially reduces the property, uses a new model of nineteenth-century houses in which the building itself conforms to the processing of reports, resolved with ashlar base and elevation punctuated by cornices and pediments. In 1951, the owners give the villa with the surrounding garden to the City of Genoa for museum and public park. Since 1985, it houses the Museum of Contemporary Art after the philological restoration that rebuilds the original spaces by removing incongruous elements, restoring damaged during the war and catching wall eclectic decorations from nineteenth-century. There was not recovered the original skin color pastel painting of prospects, but was used a monochromatic white color revived in the two upper floors without decoration.

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