Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Tursi

Where VIA GARIBALDI, 9, Genova

For the most important buildings of New Road, Nicolò Grimaldi "the Monarch" buys in 1564 a lot bordered on the west, by the area of the White Palace and to the north with the monastery of St. Francis and the bastion of Castelletto. The area is extremely wide, allows the construction of a grandiose building, equal only to that of the Doria-Pamphili in Fassolo, while the steep slope of the land is an opportunity for designers Domenico and Giovanni Ponzello to experience the innovative architectural solution that, through the succession of spaces atrium-courtyard-staircase, creates a wonderful play of perspectives. Purchased by Gio Andrea Doria for his son Charles, Duke of Tursi, is completed in 1596 by Carlone and Orsolino with the addition of two side balconies that integrate scenically surrounding green spaces. Properties of the Doria family until the early nineteenth century, is enriched by the Palace delle Torrette (1716) and became the residence of the Savoy (1819), a richly decorated interior stucco and frescoes. The demolition of St. Francis allows the extension to the rear with the construction of the Clock Tower and the creation of a "romantic" garden that recovers scenically the structural and decorative elements of the church. Transformed into college (1838) and became the town hall from 1848, after the widening to the north of the municipal offices on project of Albini-Helg (1952-59), is now part of a wider "Museum System of New Road".

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