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Galzignano Terme

Where Galzignano Terme (Padova)
Galzignano Terme is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Padua in the Italian region Veneto, located about 50 kilometres (31 mi) southwest of Venice and about 15 kilometres (9 mi) southwest of Padua. Main sights The main attraction is the rural Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani, in the frazione Valsanzibio, with a notable example of 17th-century garden. Other sights include: Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria Annunziata, now in ruins. Church of Santa Maria Assunta, rebuilt in 1674. Camaldolese hermitage of Monte Rua Benedictine monastery of St. John the Baptist on Monte Venda (13th century), also in ruins Oratory of the Holy Trinity (14th century), housing some precious frescoes. Villa Rizzoli Benedetti (1st century, remade in the 18th century) Villa La Civrana (17th century) References
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