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Museo civico di Abano Terme

Where VIA PIETRO D'ABANO, 20, Abano Terme (Padova)

The seat of the town Museum is by the municipal Villa Roberto Bassi Rathgeb. The Villa goes back to the16th century, with a lot of important adaptations in the18th century. The Villa has some rooms with frescoes of the 17th century. Important is the Oratory similar to " Santa Casa di Loreto".
The town Museum was born at the beginning of the 1980s, in order to exhibit the collection given by Roberto Bassi Rathgeb to the Municipality. The Museum has more than 500 items: pictures, drawings, sculptures, furniture, furnishings, weapons, archeological finds, which reflect the taste of the collector.
At present there are expository seats by the complex of Montirone. The Art-gallery at Montirone holds a selection of works belonging to the collection Roberto Bassi, now property of the Municipality of Abano Terme. The paintings exposed are of Lombard-Venetian area and go from the 16th to 20th century. Noteworthyare "Autoritratto come mendicante" by Giacomo Antonio Ceruti, "Ritratto di Federico Martinengo" by Alessandro Bonvicino, "Il Vecchio mulino" by Alessandro Magnasco.
The contemporary art Gallery at Montirone hosts also temporary exhibitions organized in collaboration with private sector. The Municipality wants to develop the Museum, thanks to an important contribution of Veneto Region. In the next years the Villa will be a prestigious Museum, where, nearby a selection of the Collection, there will be important temporary exhibitions. 

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