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Battaglia Terme

Where Battaglia Terme (Padova)
Battaglia Terme is a town and comune in the Veneto region of Italy, in the province of Padua. Battaglia lies at the easternmost edge of the volcanic Euganean Hills, and has been noted for its warm saline springs and natural vapour grotto since the Middle Ages. History The construction of the navigable Battaglia canal in the early 13th century brought traffic and growth to the commune which commanded a central position at the confluence of several canals in the network of barge traffic that linked Este and Padua, the Adriatic, the Lagoon of Venice and the north by means of the Brenta Canal, the canalized Bacchiglione and the Adige. Main sights The Selvatico palace, erected in the mid-17th century by Marchese Benedetto Selvatico, the owner of the mineral springs. The baronial castle features several thermal lakes and has been the royal residence of the Italian King Umberto II. during the first World War. the Castello del Catajo, a large castle-residence with internal frescoes by Giambattista Zelotti the Baroque Villa Emo-Capodilista, which dominates a steeply-terraced site with its dome rising over its central pediment [1]. Twin towns Tuttlingen, Germany Bischofszell, Switzerland References External links Official website (Italian) Castello del Catajo (English) City information (English)
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