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Museo delle Bambole e del Costume Arbëreshë

Where Via della Montagna, Frascineto (Cosenza)

The Museum displays a rich variety of Arbëreshë costumes. It's divided into two sections: "Albanians in Southern Italy" and "Albanians in Albania". The first section offers a path that follows the seven immigrations in Italy (from 1440 to 1448) that involved the territories of Cosenza, Catanzaro and Crotone, in addition to Sicily, Molise and Abruzzo. The exhibition highlights the art of embroidery in gold, which is distinguished by the number of items on the garments and their type (flounces, veils, hats, etc.). A small section is devoted to the dolls dressed in traditional costumes of all the Albanian communities in the South of Italy. The exhibition also includes historical photographs, icons and small crafts. In the middle of the trail is exposed the bust of the national hero George Kastriota Scandebeerg (1405-1468). The last section is to Shqiperia: traditions of the mother country, in particular related to the wealth of walks of life that expressed through the sumptuousness of the robes. For Easter time, the costumes can be seen live during the performance of Vallje, typical songs and dances. The Museum is equipped with laboratories that make, on commission, costumes, embroidery art, furniture and dolls.

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