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Ecomuseo dell'Antica Filanda

Where Via del Ponte del Diavolo, Civita (Cosenza)

The Museum of the Old Spinning Mill of Civita, on the Raganello riverside, is a complex of industrial textile that has worked for a long time, taking advantage of the hydraulic energy produced by the water jump of two large tanks. The factory has a significant historical value, both for the socio-economic implications that its activity has had on the community of Civita, both for the relationship with the rural production system in the Pollino. The Museum of the Spinning Filardi Mill (named after the property family), introduces visitors to the knowledge of the ancient art of manufacturing of wool, which in Civita has had an important social function. The building is divided into three rooms: the former citizen purifier, which acts as a reception area and a ticket office; the opificio environments, which are the heart of the Museum, where it can see the entire production cycle, thanks to the full recovery of machinery and tools that allow the execution; finally, the water mill, adjacent to the textile mill, where they were set up a series of information panels. The Museum of the Old Spinning Mill offers guided tours, educational packages for schools and groups of visitors and intensive workshops.

Ecomuseo dell'Antica Filanda c
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