Historical building

Palazzo Morelli

Via Risorgimento, 119, Crotone

Building with closed courtyard and garden, built in 1885 on existing buildings. Neoclassical Roman style, it was designed by engineer Bianciardi with eighteenth...


Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Via Risorgimento, 10, Crotone

National Archaeological Museum, housed in a building of Via Risorgimento, in historic center of the city, is among the richest of Calabria for materials...

Religious building

Cattedrale di San Dionigi (Duomo)

Piazza Duomo, 7, Crotone

Cathedral of Crotone  is dedicated to St. Mary Assumed and St. Dionysius the Areopagite. Original structure dates back to the ninth century, then rebuilt in the...

Historical building

Palazzo Zurlo-Soda

Via Risorgimento, 79, Crotone

It dates from the nineteenth century and is on two levels. It has a stone portal with a round arch resting on two piers smooth. Inside it preserves the coat of arms...


Castello di Carlo V

Piazza Castello, 1, Crotone

Charles V's Castle is located in the old part of Crotone. Built in 840 to defend the city from Saracens, it was modified in 1541 by Charles V. It has polygonal...


MACK - Museo Arte Contemporanea Krotone

Discesa Fosso, 15, Crotone

MACK is hosted since 2008 in new headquarters of Barracco Palace, a major eighteenth century building in historic center. It was created to document  trends of...


Museo Civico

Piazza Castello, 1, Crotone

Civic Museum is located within Helper Tower of Charles V Castle and is chronologically-theme divided into six sections: "Heraldry", includes a series of coats of arms...

Historical building

Palazzo Barracco

Via Risorgimento, 27, Crotone

Erected where in the past there was the house of Giovan Battista Nola Molise, author of a "Chronic" of city of Crotone, it was for many years property of Farina...

Religious building

Santuario di Santa Maria di Capo Colonna

Piazza Duomo, Crotone

Sanctuary of St. Mary of Column Cape is located near archaeological area, on Lacinio promontory, in Crotone. Church housed an icon particularly venerated, today...

Historical building

Torre di Nao

Unnamed Road, Crotone

Nao Tower is a defensive structure dating back to the sixteenth century, located in Column Cape, in the province of Crotone. Its construction was part of the...

Point of interest

Casa della Cultura (Ex Convento S. Giovanni di Dio)

Corso V.Emanuele, 18, Crotone

Current House of Culture has had, over the centuries, several functions: it was originally home to Convent of St. John of God, then turned into a school and finally...

Historical building

Palazzo Gallucci

Corso V.Emanuele, 31, Crotone

Property of Lucifer family, we have news of its existence already in 1699. Rebuilt in 1809 with Neoclassical facades, which follow the examples of Roman architecture,...