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Ponte di Alarico (Parco Letterario T. Campanella)

Where Ponte Alarico, Cosenza

Legendary place for the city of Cosenza: that is where, according to tradition, was buried with all his treasure the king of the Visigoths Alaric (410 AD), returning from the sack of Rome. Legend has it that the river Busento was diverted to cover the remains of the king and his rich booty. The point where the tributary converges in the main course of Crati river always arouses a fascinating literary and philosophical productions: the legend of Alaric has inspired writers such as Dumas and Carducci; as well as the place of confluence of two rivers and the surrounding landscape have strongly inspired the thought of the philosopher Tommaso Campanella, that here began to conceive his masterpiece "The City of the Sun", so that the location is now an integral part of the Literary Park "Tommaso Campanella".

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