Museo della casa contadina

Via Tarragone, 12, Corciano, (Perugia)

The Rural House MuseumThe Museo della Casa Contadina is located in the historical city center of Corciano.It was born in 1976 thanks to the passion of some local...


Museo della Pievania "Giuseppe Laudati"

Via Tarragone, Corciano, (Perugia)

The Pievania Museum "Giuseppe Laudati"The Museo Della Pievania "Giuseppe Laudati" is inside the Church of San Cristoforo, right in the city center of Corciano....



Via Cornaletto, 4/C, Corciano, (Perugia)

The AntiquariumThe Antiquarium is located in a beautiful position, at the far end of the western part of the town, outside the 15 century mighty walls of Corciano....


Necropoli etrusca di Strozzacapponi

Via Einaudi - Località Strozzacapponi, Corciano, (Perugia)

Strozzacapponi NecropolisIt is possible to visit the Necropoli Etrusca di Strozzacapponi by following a well guided and structured exhibition tour, which enhances...


Chiesa-Museo di San Francesco

via del Serraglio, Corciano, (Perugia)

The Church of San FrancescoThe Chiesa-Museo di San Francesco is located in Corciano, right outside the town walls.Tradition has it that the church had already...


Museo diocesano diffuso di Pieve del Vescovo

Via Bonciari - Località Migiana di , Corciano, (Perugia)

Pieve del Vescovo Diocesan MuseumThe Museo Diocesano Diffuso of Pieve del Vescovo stands facing—while immersed in a green valley below—the historical city...