Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa Matrice (San Girolamo)

Where Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Cittanova (Reggio Calabria)

The Mother Church, dedicated to St. Jerome, was built a few years after the earthquake of 1783. The work was carried out by Maria Antonia Grimaldi Serra, daughter of Princess of Gerace, Maria Teresa Grimaldi, who died in the earthquake, whose remains rest in the Chapel of the Immaculate, the church itself. In nineteenth-shaped architecture, has a pseudo-Baroque style. It was originally a single nave, were later added two aisles and redid the interior in the Neoclassical style. Among important works: a wooden Crucifix of 1600; a wooden Pietà of 1866 by Francesco Biangardi; two eighteenth-century statues by Domenico De Lorenzo; the "Varette" by Francesco and Vincenzo Biangardi; and a statue of the Virgin by Michele Guerrisi.

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