Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo)

Where Piazza F. M. Zuco, 19, Oppido Mamertina (Reggio Calabria)

Origins of Cathedral are parallel those of Diocese. The earliest records date back to 1045. Present Cathedral stands on previous ruins fall because of disastrous earthquake of 1783 and opened in 1935. The building is among the largest in Calabria, with its 33 meters of height and a bell tower, built on a design by Pasquale Epifanio, overlooking Gioia Tauro Plain of a height of 50.10 meters. Cathedral was rebuilt and designed by Ettore Baldanza, in Nneoclassical style after the earthquake of 1908. The oldest part is Blessed Sacrament Chapel, dating from the first half of 800. The interior has a Latin cross, it is majestic, with three aisles divided by massive columns. The ceiling of the nave was built in drawers and in large central rose window depicts Assumption of Mary. Chapel of Blessed Sacrament has a circular shape, with a series of ten columns supporting a cornice decorated with floral motifs in gold. On left aisle it is placed a crucifix in 1807 by Francesco De Lorenzo of Varapodio; a marble Baptistery of 1860 and a marble sarcophagus. They are added, Chapel of Immaculate and that of Stipo, which houses magnificent Throne of Annunciation. Inside a wooden Ecce Homo, gift of St. Charles Borromeo (1609-1629) and several tombs of bishops.

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