Luogo - Archaeological Area

Necropoli della Banditaccia (Sito UNESCO)

Where Piazza Mario Moretti (già della Necropoli), Cerveteri (Roma)

Necropolis of Cerveteri and Tarquinia were included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2004 and represent the first example of sites related to Etruscan civilization. Crossed by a long way more than 2 km, the burial developed since ninth century BC to Hellenistic-Roman age. The oldest tombs are "pit" with cremations in pots, and "pit" for buried. Since seventh century BC, develop large mounds with burial chambers hewn into the tufa and decorated with motifs inspired by the forms of domestic architecture. Monuments belonged to families of high rank, returned rich sets of materials imported from Near East and Greece. During the sixth century BC, alongside the graves "to die" lined up along the streets and the burial "in caditoia". During the fourth century BC is widespread type of underground, with funerary monuments that belonged to noble families, such as Tomb of the Reliefs, which exhibits a rich collection of everyday objects in stucco and paintings, Tombs of the City, those of Alcova, Coffin, Triclinioe and Tamsnie.

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