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Where VIA VERDI, SNC, Cervara di Roma (Roma)

The Museum of the Mountain: Transumanti and Pitturi Cervara is a major hub of cultural , historical and anthropological documentation demo . In It is a rich collection of ex-votos , devotional objects , sacred furnishings and vestments , liturgical books , objects processional . There are well preserved traditional costumes cervaroli that were the object of interest of many international artists for their great variety and color scheme . They are also exposed to the objects of the traditional economy , crafts traveling , of transhumance. The Museum is given wide coverage to the role of artists for centuries Cervara raffigurandone reach the uniqueness and beauty .

the name of the museum - Museum of the Mountain - Transumanti and " you paint " - has sprung , from the need to connect the nuclei of the first original collection of votive objects and confraternity with the two major strands cultural cornerstones of the country : the transhumance, the mountains to the sea , and artists , from the city to the villages of the interior .

Therefore , the museum "plays" on the double aspect of "who goes and who comes" and , of course, "who is " inevitable "trait d'union " between reality furniture . In a society where men , often pastors were missing for nine months a year, from September to June , the position of women could not be central, as indeed demonstrates both its ability to inherit property than to receive movable by the groom through the gold wedding ring. Emblematic of this is the sanctuary of the Madonna della Portella in Munistrigliu where women have left their mark on jewelry that today constitute an important nucleus of the museum and witness the history of devotion and jewelery in a limited context .

The museum is housed in premises placed under the Collegiate and s'articola around two main rooms: " Stalletta the archpriest of the donkey " with the manger and the "breadbasket of the curia " with graffiti where the originals have been set up sections of the pastoralism and agriculture. In addition, because of its location , becomes the privileged seat to expose the rich material from the overlying ecclesiastical church.

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