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Pinacoteca Comunale ''Francesco Netti''

Where Corso Domenico Morea, Castellana Grotte (Bari)
The Municipal Art Galllery F.’’ Netti’’ is located on the second floor of the Castle of Conversano, the ancient residence of the Counts Acquaviva d’Aragona, in the room headed to the donor of the prestigious private collection of the painter and writer of Santeramo in Colle. Built by the Normans around 1054 as a defensive fortress, the Castle of Conversano had undergone changes until 1187. later (XVII sec.) it became the residence of the Counts Acquaviva and was transformed by subsequent alterations in a magnificent stately accommodation. The fort was built on ancient megalithic walls dating from the VI-IV century BC, still visible at the base of the main tower which is the only survived Norman tower. The building has a trapezoidal shape with four corners facing the cardinal points. In the four corners there are four towers. In April 2011, the City hall of Conversano has purchased some private real estate at the second floor of the Castle because it wanted to expand the museum complex designed to accommodate new sections dedicated to the museum ’tradition’ with exhibitions on cowboys and the old crafts and to build a lift that allows the removal of architectural barriers to the second floor
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