Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di S. Maria La Greca

Where Via Santa Maria, 27, Putignano (Bari)

The Church of St. Mary the Greak owes its name to the icon in it preserved, a Byzantine painting depicting the Virgin Odegitria of the fifteenth century, came from Monopoli to escape the pirates. With the icon, was transferred here also a silver reliquary containing a fragment of the skull of Saint Stephen. Consecrated in 1522, the Church's facade is in late Baroque style. The portal consists of two Corinthian columns supporting a porch topped by a temple. The seventeenth-century bell tower was rebuilt in 1899. Inside, it can admire the marble altar with the statue of St. Stephen and the main altar surmounted by the "Big Chapel".

Chiesa di S. Maria la Greca c
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