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Museo del Vino di Alberobello

Where Via Due Macelli, 8, Alberobello (Bari)
The Museum is located in the spaces of the ancient “Cantina Albea” on the upper floor, it is an interesting example of an integral part of industrial architecture from the twentieth century. The visitor has the opportunity to compare the old agricultural tools and modern technologies of the wine cellar, to appreciate the evolution that has happened in the last century which has marked the growth and improvement of wine production in Puglia. The Albea wine cellar (Albea was the ancient name of Alberobello) was built in 1905. The structure is built with stone, the tanks used to contain the wine are buried in the rock and were once also intended to supply water to cisterns of trulli. The special attention placed in the construction of the wine cellar (that it should not be a simple production structure but also a beautiful building in accordance with the surrounding environment) is showed in the elegant and sober interior design which echoes a mosque, including vaulted ceilings joined at the top with main pillars, formed by overlaid rocky boulders and leaks modeled with layers of red clay. The purpose of the Museum is to disseminate the knowledge of wine and a farming world made with passion, an inexhaustible heritage of culture and civilization.
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