Luogo - Park

Parco Avventura Sybaris Explora

Where Via Roma, Cassano all'Ionio (Cosenza)

The Sybaris Explora Adventure Park offers a ludic-educational path for kids dedicated to the history and archeology of the area of Sybaris. The Park includes a reconstruction in scale 1:2 of a part of the ancient Sybaris/Thuri/Copiae available through a guided walk by the archaeologist, with a visit to the great domus, the theater and the thermal baths: in the area dedicated to the reconstruction of the Roman city of Copia, it can discover the techniques of construction and the work activities that took place in the workshops; visit the domus and learn heating systems used in the thermae. The path also includes experimental archeology workshops, as part of which, thanks to the support of specialized personnel, it can engage in hands-on activities and observe the realization of Roman lamps, writing tablet and the minting of ancient coins.

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