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Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Sibaritide

Where Cassano all'Ionio (Cosenza)

The Museum is located near the archaeological site of Sybaris, in the municipality of Cassano Jonio. The exhibition presents the main contexts, monuments, materials and, in general, issues related to the historical and archaeological Roman city of Thurii Copia and its territory, highlighting the salient aspects of the historical, socio-economic and topography development of the city. The most significant materials found during the excavations, from the sixties to today, including inscriptions, architectural elements, furniture sculpture, ceramics, metals, glass and coins. Special mention a group of fragments of sculptures in marble including two heads, depicting Caligula and Claudius. Interestingly, the group of six bronze statues, dating to the first century AD, depicting traditional gods of Greek-Toman pantheon (Minerva and Hercules), alongside other clearly of Egyptian. Remarkable is the collection of silver and bronze coins found at both sites surrounding Copia that, including the beautiful "Tesoretto" tofrom Ciminata di Rossano. In particular, the necropolis of St. Vito di Luzzi from which come the magnificent kit from the grave so-called "of surgeon", which would generate a real "bag of tools" belonged to an orthopedic doctor (or dentist) of the first century AD


Daily from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm

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