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Where Casalmaggiore (Cremona)
Casalmaggiore is a comune in the province of Cremona, Lombardy, northern Italy, located across the Po River. It was the birthplace of Italian composers Ignazio Donati and Andrea Zani (1696–1757). Sights include the Duomo (Cathedral) and the Bijoux Museum. History Archaeological findings in 1970 proved that the area was inhabited from the Bronze Age, although the town most likely was founded by the Romans as Castra Majora ("Main Military Camp"). Around the year 1000 it was a fortified castle in the House of Este lands; in the 15th century it was under the Republic of Venice. On July 2, 1754, it obtained the status of city with an imperial decree. After a period under the Austrians, it became part of the newly unified Kingdom of Italy in 1861. Twin towns Guilherand-Granges, France Tarnów, Poland References
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