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Istituto della Cultura Arbereshe

Where Via Piave, Caraffa di Catanzaro (Catanzaro)

The Museum bears witness to the Italo-Albanian culture of the place and is dedicated to one of the greatest scholars of the Albanian language, Giuseppe Gangale. The hotel is hosting an exhibition of art characteristic of the ethnic Albanian communities, mostly tools of the peasant and artisan, and a permanent crib where you can admire the costumes called "Nativity Arbereshe". Of great importance is the original documentation of Joseph Gangale, Italo-Albanian linguist of the last century, a professor at the University of Copenhagen, who left the manuscripts of his research on the culture and the Albanian minority languages ​​in general. Some of his papers testify to the creation of an alphabet with which Gangale was able to write down everything that the Albanian culture had as oral heritage.

Istituto della Cultura Arbereshe c
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