Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo di Bolzano)

Where Piazza Duomo, Bolzano (Bolzano/Bozen)

The foundations of the oldest Church dating back to the fourth century AC and probably it was consecrated to St. Vigilio. Medieval Church was built on the remains of an early Christian basilica of the sixth century: Gothic structure was completed in 1519 with the erection of the late Gothic bell tower of 65 meters, by architect Burkhard Engelberg from Augusta. The building is divided into three naves by square pillars, with the choir surrounded by ambulatory and apse chapel. Dates from the same period late Gothic pulpit in sandstone, carved by Swabian Hans von Schussenried, partially destroyed by Allied bombing in 1943, and rebuilt in 1949. In 2007 it was set up Cathedral Museum, which showcases the treasures of Cathedral and offers a historical and educational route on ecclesiastical history of the city.

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