Luogo - Museum

Tesoro del Duomo di Bolzano

Where Piazza della Parrocchia, 27, Bolzano (Bolzano/Bozen)

The Treasure of the Cathedral of Bolzano is to be counted among the richest collections of sacred vessels of the Baroque period of Tyrol. In addition to precious liturgical vestments and banners painted by renowned painters, it stands out especially for fine jewelery products of the eighteenth century. From  November 16, 2007, the Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral of Bolzano, with its nearly one hundred objects on display, not only offers an interesting overview of the liturgical use of the Catholic Church, but also pays special attention to the history of the parish community and that of Bolzano Duomo.

Tesoro del Duomo di Bolzano c
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