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Museo civico di Bolzano

Where VIA CASSA DI RISPARMIO, 14, Bolzano (Bolzano/Bozen)

The Civic Museum of Bolzano was built between 1902 and 1904 on the foundations of medieval residence Hurlach, designed by Karl Delug. The Museum offers a rich collection of works and objects of the Association for Christian Art, the Museum Society and the Bolzano National High School, as well as modern pieces purchased by the city of Bolzano or through private donations. The oldest museum in the province of Bolzano offers visitors a valuable collection of archaeological finds, many examples of medieval, Gothic and Baroque architecture and a fine exhibition of costumes and traditional objects of popular culture Tyrolean. The rich collections can be visited on a path that is developed from the first floor of the Museum of the tower.

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