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Castello Malaspina dal Verme

Where Strada del Torrino, 5, Bobbio (Piacenza)
The Malaspina-Dal Verme Castle, is a fortified structure consisting of several buildings enclosed by inner walls of stone. Currently the castle only has one inner wall, the outer walls having been demolished, together with the tower of Porta Nuova, in 1858. The castle consists of a stone tower with bricks laid in the pseudo isodomo style (Ancient Greek construction technique). On the west side of the fort there are remains of what is referred to as the tower of the Bishop. On the east side, on the corner of the wall, there is a round tower, with two spaces. There are two entrances which allow access to the tower on both the southeast and northwest sides. The structure and layout of the interior is relatively functional. The first floor is significantly elevated and has transformed since the original design and layout following the work by the last owner, between the end of nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century.  A restoration and consolidation was done in 1973 and led to the rebuilding of all the plaster, floors, ceilings, and strengthening the structure and part of the stairs.
Castello Malaspina c
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