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Galleria Alberoni

Where Via Emilia Parmense, 67, Piacenza

The Gallery reopened its doors at the end of a complex restructuring that has renewed the construction and allowed the retrofitting of spaces, in particular the "Hall of Tapestries", according to conservative and microclimate criteria. Today, it is thus possible to admire the exceptional collection of eighteen tapestries on display in its entirety. The exhibition redeveloped and expanded aims to enhance the valuable art collections preserved here, full of important paintings, including works by Gian Paolo Panini, Domenico Viani, Zeno Veronese, Giovan Battista Lenardi and numerous other genre paintings, works on sacred subjects and paintings of history. The visit has been enriched by two new sections: one that presents the most ancient and precious alberoniane collections, and one that preserves the sculptures. There is also a biographical section dedicated to Cardinal Alberoni, where objects, clothes, furnishings of high prelate return a part of its life, customs and tastes of the time. The College, which since the last century there with functions like Opera Pia seminar, was established by Cardinal Giulio Alberoni (1664-1752) for the formation of indigent clerics and opened in 1751, in the ancient Hospital of St. Lazarus. Here it can see a part of the collections of the cardinal, a key figure of the policy of Farnese family, as a representative at the ducal court of Spain (1714-1719) during the marriage between Philip V and Elizabeth Farnese. In 1802 was founded the meteorological observatory; in 1874 joined the seismological observatory and the Cabinet, with a data store since 1922. Among the objects of art from the collections already preserved in the Roman palaces and residences in Piacenza, include important works by Antonello da Messina ("Ecce Homo"), Dughet, Cerquozzi, Courtois, Mola, Reni, Jordan, Gaulli, Solimena, Ceruti, Pannini, Ferrari, as well as a collection of Flemish paintings of Bouts, Provost, Mabuse, De Bles, which is unique in the region. Equally valuable in local collectors is the collection of Flemish tapestries divided into three series: "Series of Priam" (c. XV), woven at the wedding of Maximilian with Mary of Burgundy; "Series of Dido and Aeneas" (c. XVII), cartoons by Gian Francesco Romanelli; "Series of Alexander the Great" (c. XVII), cartoons by Jacob Jordaens. Among the sacred gold note is the monstrance with gems of Piacenza, Spinazzi Angelo (1761), author of reliquaries and other liturgical objects stored in the Opera Pia. In addition to art collections, the College houses the library, rich in precious volumes, as well as equipment of the cabinets of the physical and natural sciences, the latter formed on the collections donated to the College in 1810 by his father Zechariah Piacenza of the Franciscan order.

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