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Bari Vecchia (Quartiere San Nicola)

Where Corte Colagualano, 6, Bari

San Nicola is historic district of Bari, called also Bari Vecchia, is inserted within ancient walls and is so called from the nineteenth century, as opposed to new city. Bari Vecchia is enclosed between the two ports (Old Port and New Port), bounded by Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Over the last decade Bari Vecchia has enjoyed an important process of urban redevelopment, which saw the opening of numerous premises along Piazza Mercantile. Notable monuments to visit, including Basilica of San Nicola (12th century), a masterpiece of Apulian Romanesque, Crypt and Cathedral of San Sabino (1170-1178), in whose archives is famous Exultet (miniato code) of the 1025. Hhistoric center is full of minor churches: San Gregorio (11th-12th centuries), Church of Trinity, San Giorgio dei Martiri (or Armenians), Santa Chiara, San Giuseppe, Santa Teresa dei Maschi, and adjoining Convent. Also in the center stands famous Norman-Swabian Castle, built by Frederick II on the site of previous Norman and Byzantine fortifications.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY Di La Marga from Italy - Cortile interno del castello, CC BY 2.0, c
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