Luogo - Museum

Museo e Centro Studi De Romita

Where Corso Cavour, 249, Bari

Member of Royal Academy of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in Naples, De Romita was professor of Natural Sciences at Royal Technical and Nautical Institute of Bari. Museum has the idea to redevelop and restore a natural collection of historical, cultural and scientific importance for over a century at IISS Pythagoras of Bari, that the curator has created it in the late 1800s, gaining for himself the reputation of father of ornithology and environmentalism in Puglia. It hosts several series of animals, including several species of birds are not easy to land in southern Italy. Reptiles, such as the variety of Coluber Leopardinus; fishes, as a fetus of a Two-headed Shark. Finally, among the insects, there is Ciccindela Dilacerata, appeared for the first time in the fauna of Neapolitan provinces.

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