Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Damiano (Sito UNESCO)

Where Via San Damiano, Assisi (Perugia)

According to the legend, in 1205 St. Francis of Assisi, praying before the Crucifix inside the Church, he heard it talk. Between 1211 and 1212, St. Clare founded her order, who lived there until 1260. The Church itself, according to the Catholic historiography, was the star of the major miracles of the Saint. The facade is embedded within a larger, "hut", which also includes the adjacent rooms. The entrance is preceded by a low portico with three round arches supported by brick pillars; above the central arch there is a circular rose window. The interior has a nave covered with a arched barrel vault, with a side rectangular chapel. On the altar, a valuable wooden Crucifix by Innocenzo da Petralia (1637).

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