Luogo - Museum

Museo Archeologico Statale Gaio Clinio Mecenate

Where Via Vittorio Veneto, 4, Arezzo

Archaeological Museum is dedicated to Cilnio Gaius Maecenas, important character in Rome of Augustus period, is housed since 1937 in former Monastery of St. Bernard, built on the ruins of Roman Amphitheater of II century AC. The ground floor is dedicated to Etruscan and Roman times, with the remains from Arezzo and its area, from Villanovan to Hellenism. Among the most precious jewels stand out from Necropolis of Poggio del Sole, a pediment carved with scenes of battle (480 BC) and a series of votive portraits. In the third room is the most important work of Museum, an Attic vase with red figures attributed to Eufronio (510-500 BC). The next two rooms are the findings from Val di Chiana and Casentino. The following are four rooms dedicated to sealed land, the last seven rooms are devoted to Roman times, with portraits and statues, mosaics, funerary objects and bronze. On the first floor are preserved objects of applied art and everyday use.

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