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Museo nazionale d'arte medievale e moderna

Where San Lorentino, 8, Arezzo

The Museum was formed through centuries of history, thanks to the merger of art collections of different origin and nature, the result of cultural and artistic interests of collectors, scholars and artists from Arezzo and the activity of the major civil institutions. The first origin of the museum can be traced back to the founding, in 1823, of the Museum of the Lay Fraternity and the establishment, in 1868, of the Municipal Art Gallery. The two collections were merged in 1891 into one museum housed in the Palazzo Barbolani Montauto. This museum was divided in 1935, creating one hand to the Museum of Medieval and Modern, based in the Praetorian Palace, across the Archaeological Museum. The Medieval and Modern Museum was reopened in 1958 in its current location and became the State in 1972. It is one of the most interesting museums in Tuscany for importance of the artifacts and the variety and richness of the collections.

Arezzo, Museo Nazionale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna c
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