Luogo - Architecture

Museo dei mezzi di comunicazione

Where Ricasoli, 22, Arezzo

The idea of creating a museum of Communication Media goes back about 20 years ago, when the city of Arezzo realized, in collaboration with the Museum of the History of Science in Florence, an exhibition of vintage radios, entitled "The World House - the first 40 years of the history of radio", which had wide resonance. For the exhibition was indispensable collaboration of Fausto Cases, who he made available its rich collection. Today the collection has expanded to other historical themes that complement the theme of the history of communications with about 1.000 exhibits. Special care is the aspect of teaching with tables to direct experiences. Moreover, in the auditorium inside the museum, it can attend the screening of a movie "Holographic Three Dimensional", with advanced technology immersion only in Italy, on the character of Galileo Galilei and his scientific discoveries. Upon request, are also available on DVD movies other historical-scientific.

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