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Ponte Sanguinario

Strada Statale 418, Spoleto, (Perugia) Tempo di lettura: meno di 1 minuto

Located in the east basement of Victory Square, it was probably commissioned by Augustus when he rebuild the bridges of the Via Flaminia, around 27 BC. The mighty Bridge is built by large blocks of travertine, it has three semicircular arches, one of which is still buried, and is about 24 meters. The central pier has a tunnel that was used to promote the flow of water, while the sides are built in terraces, protected by artificial reefs or ruins. Above the archway still hidden rests the St. Gregory's Gate. The name "Bloody Bridge" is believed to have been adopted in more recent times compared to its construction, during the persecution of the Christian tradition, relates to the executions, and the severed heads of the martyrs who were thrown into the river. Another legend has it that an underground tunnel would connect the Bridge to the Albornozian Rock, used by Lucrezia Borgia to receive her lovers in the period when she was Governor of Spoleto.