Luogo - Religious building

Basilica del Beato Angelo d'Acri

Where Piazza Beato Angelo d'Acri, snc, Acri (Cosenza)

Work of construction began in 1893 by Guido Quercioli and ended in 1898. Several earthquakes and leaks have damaged over time the structure and several paintings by Montefusco. Outside you can admire bronze door with the representation of seven Theological Virtues, Jesus with Disciples and papal coat of arms. Inside there are twelve chapels arranged in two rows: the central one houses bronze and glass urn containing Blessed's relics. Barrel vault is frescoed with scenes depicting Blessed Angelo d'Acri's miracles. To admire wonderful mosaic of Father Ugolino from Belluno. The dome is 32 meters high with two bell towers and bronze bells.

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