Palazzo Sanseverino - Museo Arte Contemporanea Acri c

Palazzo Sanseverino - MACA (Museo Arte Contemporanea Acri)

Piazza Falcone, 1, Acri, (Cosenza)

The Museum is located in Sanseverino Palace, an imposing building owned by Giuseppe Leopoldo Sanseverino, built by Stefano Vangieri of Rogliano (1707-1717) and decorated by the painter Donato Vitale and his followers. Abode of the Sanseverino until 1726, the Palace was abandoned until the purchase by the Acri Municipality in the second '900. Since 2006 the building houses the permanent Vigliaturo's collection, flanked by impromptu exhibition of the artist himself. On the ground floor is placed the "Hall of Columns", the colonnade of the time before the construction of the Palace. In the same room is a fresco with not yet deciphered symbols, in addition to the Sanseverino's emblem.

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