Torre Civica di Pàdia (Castello di Acri o Rocca dei Bruzii)

Vico I Castello, 1, Acri, (Cosenza)

Acri Castle, also known as Rocca dei Bruzii, was a defensive work of which remains the so-called Civic Tower, a symbol of the city. Originally the Castle form was trapezoidal, with three towers in the upper and lower fourth, to control the drawbridge. Defensive walls cradled all the citadel of the Pàdia district, including the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, in which traces of an early Christian temple were found. Visible until the early twentieth century the tank for the supply of water, located north of the existing tower. In 1999 several Greek coins were found in the walls of the Castle. The poet Vincenzo Julia (1838-1894) devoted a poem to the Acri Castle.

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