Castello Aragonese

Piazza Umberto I', 21, Venosa, (Potenza)

Built in 1470 by Duke Pirro del Balzo, it is an imposing building, with a square plant with four cylindrical towers. The coat of arms of the Del Balzo family, the...

Religious building

Abbazia della Santissima Trinità (Complesso dell'Incompiuta)

Strada Provinciale 18 Ofantina, Venosa, (Potenza)

The Complex of the Holy Trinity is one of the most important monument of Venosa, recognized "National Monument" since 1897. The original core consists of an early...

Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica

Venosa, (Potenza)

The Archaeological Area contains the monumental ruins of the Latin colony of Venusia, founded by the Romans in 291 a. C., the home of Horace. You can visit the large...


Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Piazza Castello - Castello Pirro del Balzo, Venosa, (Potenza)

The Museum, housed in the basement of the trenches of the Aragonese Castle, built in 1470 by Pirro del Balzo, is dedicated in particular to the Latin colony of...