Luogo - Castle

Parco Letterario Isabella Morra (Castello di Valsinni)

Where Via Salita Castello, 18, Valsinni (Matera)

The Literary Park of Valsinni (MT), at the headquarters of the picturesque medieval Castle, is dedicated to Isabella Morra (Valsinni, 1520-1546), a Renaissance poet and protagonist of a heinous crime of passion: she was killed by her brothers for having maintained a secret relationship with Diego Sandoval de Castro, Spanish poet and Baron of Nova Siri. Isabella has spent most of her life in the Valsinni Castle, building dating back to 1000, that the local tradition still haunted by her ghost. The interest around the figure and work of Isabella Morra has grown over the centuries, despite the small corpus reached us (ten sonnets and three songs discovered by officers of the Viceroy during the search of the Castle, after the crime), so as to inspire, in recent years, readings of her work in a feminist key and the establishment of the Literary Park aimed at the dissemination and promotion of cultural events, exhibitions, guided tours and conferences.

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