Luogo - Museum

Museo Diocesano Tridentino

Where Piazza del Duomo, 13, Trento

It was established in 1903 by Bishop Eugenio Carlo Valussi, at the Seminary, in order to preserve artistic heritage of the diocese. In 1963 Museum was transferred in historic Praetorian Palace, former residence of Prince Bishops. Over following decades has gradually enhanced and expanded: in 1991 it was promoted a radical restructuring of the building and a rearrangement of Museum, which currently offers an itinerary to visit artistical, historical and religious. Exhibited works come from St. Vigilio's Cathedral, Bishop's Palace and churches of the territory.


Monday-Saturday, 9:30/12:30 am; 14:00/17:30 pm. Sunday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm; 2:00/6:00 pm

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