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Where CORSO GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI, 14, Tortoreto (Teramo)

The painting section of the Municipal Museums of Giulianova originates from a precious donation of the well-known historian and lawyer Vincenzo Bindi: when he died in 1928, he bequeathed to the Town one part of his palace on the main avenue of Giulianova and his private collection of art-works. The chief nucleus of the collection is represented by the works of the so called "School of Posillipo", a group of artist characterized by an excellent drawing and a conscious use of colors in realistic reproductions, who really renovate the landscape-painting. The collection contains canvases by Pitoo, Gigante, Duclére, Consalvo and Raffaele Carelli. Besides them there are nineteenth-century painters from the Abruzzi, such as Filippo and Nicola Palizzi, Gennaro della Monica and Michetti. The beautiful collection covers three centuries: from the nineteenth-century production of Domenico Morelli and Vincenzo Gemito, it goes backwards to Francesco Solimena (early seventeenth century) and Jusepe Ribera, called "the Spaniard" (first half of the seventeenth century), through the eighteenth-century masterpieces of Pompeo Batoni and Vincenzo Camuccini. The art gallery was inaugurated in 1978, along with the historical material which Bindi himself bestowed on the library. The pictures are arranged on the walls of Bindi's aristocratic house, surrounded by antique furniture and precious ornaments left by the important historian.  
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