Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa della Gran madre di Dio

Where Piazza Gran Madre di Dio, Torino

Church of Great Mother of God is one of the most important places of worship in Turin. Located in the square of the same name, it is located near Vittorio Emanuele I Bridge. Completed in 1831, Church of Great Mother is of particular importance for the city, its history and its location. From an architect's idea to Ferdinando Bonsignore, his form resumes that of Roman Pantheon, of a neoclassical-adriano style. On both sides of the staircase there are two statues representing Faith and Religion, realized by sculptor Carlo Chelli in 1828. The interior looks very simple: at the base of the dome are bas-reliefs that recount episodes of Virgin's life, always reinterpreted by second neoclassical taste; very important is the plastic and sculptural apparatus. The idea of ​​the origin of the city and the place where the ancient Egyptian church rises was born during the works of Citadel in the 16th century, where a stone was found dedicated to Isis. For the lovers of esotericism the same left statue of Faith would be nothing but Madonna with Sacred Grail in hand, and it would point to a point that should lead to the discovery of the precious goblet.

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