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Piazza Castello

Where Piazza Castello, Torino

Piazza Castello is Turin's main square, the heart of the city's historic center, home to the architectural complex of Palazzo Madama and Casaforte of Acaja, while along the quadrangular perimeter there are elegant porticoes of different eras and important city buildings: Palazzo della Prefecture-Armeria Reale (to the north), Teatro Regio (to the east), the two stately buildings on either side of Via Garibaldi, one of which houses Piedmont Region (to the west), Real Church of San Lorenzo (to the northwest), Galleria Subalpina (to the south-east) and Torre Littoria (to the south-west). In particular, the large square is grafted onto the smaller Piazzetta Reale, flanked by Palazzo Chiablese, which gives access to Palazzo Reale and the pedestrian crossing towards Cathedral of Turin.

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