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Where Via Delle Pervinche, 10, Torino

Located at the uptown area northwest of the city of Turin, the area is interwoven with largest Lucento district. It remained mainly rural for a long time, as an extension of the hunting lodge of the Savoy Lucento Castle, of which there are the remains of  Giacomo Ferroglio's Grangia and Cascina Bianco, in the gardens of Via Parenzo and Corso Cincinnato. In the late '50s came the working-class district, at the urging of the great migration from Southern Italy: the works began in 1958 and the first houses were delivered in 1961. In the late' 90s, the central square, dedicated to Eugenio Montale, it was the subject of redevelopment, with the notable recovery of the theater and the pedestrian area in front of the parish. Today, the Vallette is a residential neighborhood with many different avenues and green areas, the largest of which is the Pellerina Park, over Corso Regina Margherita. In the Continassa was built, in 1990, the Delle Alpi Stadium, replaced in 2011 by the Juventus Stadium.

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